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Buy Rain Products in Nigeria

how does core help your body?

We designed core specifically for the majority of humankind who fails to get their daily greens. But, even for the few who do, core acts as a detoxifier, cleaning and improving organ function. It can also help manage blood pressure already within a healthy range. Additionally, core may reduce symptoms of inflammation, support your immune system and improve cognition and brain function. Simply said, drinking your greens has never done more for your body.


greens: – Dandelion – Kale – Spirulina – Wheat Grass – Aloe Vera

seeds: – Black Cumin Seed – Milk Thistle Seed – Cranberry Seed


-Detoxifies the body for better function

-Decreases symptoms of inflammation for healthier movement and activity

-Boosts immunity

-Increases cognition

-Vitamin and minerals for healthy skin

-Aids digestion and gut function

-Protects and stimulates DNA production
Say goodbye to green smoothies and hello to Core. Scientifically formulated, Core packs nutrients in just one, easy-sip pouch. 1oz of this green-based powerhouse detoxifies your body, boosts immunities, provides essential vitamins and minerals, and reduces inflammation. Getting your greens has never been easier.