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How my joint,muscle pain vanished

June 22, 2023 by buyrainproducts
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How my joint,muscle pain vanished, I had joint pain, muscle pain, severe low back and back pain, headaches, no energy, lack of vitamins, minerals and more, and was at my worst; down to 0 in vitamin D. I slept a maximum of 2 hours straight, and it took a long time before I fell asleep, and just as tired when I got up. Brain fog that made it difficult to concentrate. Fatty liver, 18 cysts on the liver and cysts along the entire spine. Impaired function of a kidney. High blood pressure and otherwise many more symptoms and minor ailments, but not all at once.

The list is long, and neither I nor my doctor put this in context with anything concrete. And everything had led to a 82 pounds weight gain on top of the misery …

When I had given up and thought that now my life is over soon, Gerd Ordal calls and presents Soul. Then I felt that THIS is my hope and salvation, so I said yes right away, on February 18, 2021.

How my joint,muscle pain vanished

I picked up my Pro Pak in the afternoon and started right away with a RS, and a RB in the evening. That night I fell asleep quickly and slept continuously for 9 hours.

I continued with 2RS daily for a couple of weeks and added RC and still sleeps every night. Every month i take blood samples to monitor the liver and other things, and after about 2 months my GP calls me in the afternoon and says that what you eat now you should just continue with, because your liver is almost completely clean.

How my joint,muscle pain vanished I have finally been properly examined and have fibromyalgia, which explains almost all aches and pains. Thanks to the little smoothies(seed nutrition) I eat every day, life is about to turn for the better. It went fast the first few months, then I flattened out a couple of months, and now the energy is on its way up again.

I cannot imagine what life would have been like now, without the seed nutrition, and I am so grateful and happy every day.

I want to live while I live.

Thank you Rain

Please note that this represents Beate Forsvik’s personal views and experience with the supplements

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