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Rain Core Nutrition Redefined – 30 Sachets


Key Features

1: *Colon Cancer*
2: *Epilepsy*
3: *Oral Cancer*
4: *Controls blood sugar level (fight diabetes)*
5: *Brain Cancer (brain tumor)*
6: *Breast Cancer*
7: *Leukemia*
8: *Brain damage from Lead*
9: *Protection against Heart Attack damage*
10: *MRSA*
11: *Chrohn’s disease*
12: *Fibromyalgia*
13: *Shingles*
14: *Ashma*
15: *Skin blemishes*
16: *Prevent kidney stones*
17: *Fight Ulcer*
18: *Helps repair liver cells*
19: *Prostate Cancer*
And many others.

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One root cause of various health challenges in the human body today is due to inflammation. If you can find a way to reduce or eliminate inflammation, then the body can heal itself.*Core* is carefully crafted with some of the healthiest greens in the world. It contains an incredibly potent nutrition profile with 20 times the nutrition density of fruits and vegetables, and specially made with all the necessary and powerful nutrients that the body needs to combat free radicals.*Core* detoxes the body… from the *Cells* to the *tissues* to the *organs*… it gets rid of *toxins* from the body.Here are some of its *benefits* and *conditions* it helps with:1: *Colon Cancer*2: *Epilepsy*3: *Oral Cancer*4: *Controls blood sugar level (fight diabetes)*5: *Brain Cancer (brain tumor)*6: *Breast Cancer*7: *Leukemia*8: *Brain damage from Lead*9: *Protection against Heart Attack damage*10: *MRSA*11: *Chrohn’s disease*12: *Fibromyalgia*13: *Shingles*14: *Ashma*15: *Skin blemishes*16: *Prevent kidney stones*17: *Fight Ulcer*18: *Helps repair liver cells*19: *Prostrate Cancer*And many others.